Who We Are

We are the GWOT (Global War On Terrorism) generation.  We are the Soldiers and Marines that have spent most of their time in service at war.  The Special Forces, Ranger, or Navy SEAL, that is on his 14th deployment overseas, fighting for regular everyday Americans, most of which don’t even know that we are still in a war.

We are the amazing wives of these warriors, that give their everything to them.  Wives that don’t get nearly enough credit for dealing with, and loving men that come home missing limbs, missing their buddies, and with traumatic brain injuries that cause them to miss some memories.

We are the Cops that try to do right and good every day, serving a community that most of the time forgets to even say thanks. 

We are the Firefighters and Paramedics that race toward chaotic, destructive, and horrifying scenes, living on the hope that they can save them all today.  

We all raised our right hand after September 11th, or maybe, we are the everyday, freedom loving, patriotic American, that couldn’t serve or didn’t serve for some reason, but still loves this country.  Forgotten11s is more than an apparel brand. It is a community with a commitment to the living!  We are Veteran owned. We will strive for greatness everyday!

We will always remember us!

“ Those Forgotten11s “